Abbas Kiarostami (1940-2016) was a critically acclaimed filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, photographer, painter and poet with a long and impressive artistic career that spanned over forty years. His films in his home country transformed Iranian cinematic aesthetics, creating an artistic movement with poetic realist sensibilities, identified as Kiarostami School of Filmmaking. In the film circuits, Kiarostami’s movies were celebrated and made Iranian cinema visible internationally.  He started his creative works in the margins of a marginalized Middle Eastern culture and achieved the status of a highly recognized cosmopolitan filmmaker in world cinema. The remarkable body of artistic work created by Abbas Kiarostami made him a cultural phenomenon, nourished by the rich legacy of Persian literature and arts but transcended nationalistic sensibilities to embrace universal merits.

This special issue of Iran Namag is a tribute to Abbas Kiarostami, a film auteur and a master artist. The editors seek scholarly articles on any topic related to Kiarostami’s films, poems, photographs, and art installations.

Please send your abstracts, in Persian and English, of no more than 500 words, along with a short bio, by Oct. 30, 2016 to Mahamad Tavakoli and Khatereh Sheibani As a bilingual quarterly, Iran Namag accepts articles for review in Persian and English; please indicate whether your final contribution will be in English or Persian. We expect to receive a proportion of around 40% English and 60% Persian articles for this special issue. Authors of 25 chosen abstracts will be asked to submit the initial drafts of their articles by Jauray 10, 2017. To be included for publication in the special issue, full versions of the articles (between 6000 to 8000 words) must be received by no later than May 30, 2017.

Please feel free to address any inquiries you may have to the editors.

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