Iran Namag: An Independent Bilingual Quarterly of Iranian Studies

With this inaugural issue Iran Namag begins its journey as an independent reader-supported quarterly of Iranian Studies. Iran Namag is dedicated to the publication of original research in all academic disciplines of the humanities and social sciences. As a bilingual quarterly based at the University of Toronto, it accepts original and well-documented articles in Persian and English for peer-review. These submissions are to be prepared in accordance with the highest standards of academic research and integrity.

Iran Namag is edited by Professor Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi in collaboration with a distinguished Editorial Board currently consisting of the following scholars:

Ervand Abrahamian

Rula J. Abisaab

Abbas Amanat

Victoria Arakelova

Said Amir Arjomand

Daryoush Ashouri

Touraj Atabaki

Kathryn Babayan

Asef Bayat

Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi

Nile Green

Syed Akhtar Husain

Jennifer L. Jenkins

Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak

Homa Katouzian

Farzaneh Milani

Valentine M. Moghadam

Hamid Naficy

Parvaneh Pourshariati

M. Rahim Shayegan

Kamran Talattof

Working within divergent disciplinary and epistemological orientation in the humanities and social sciences, the Editorial Board of Iran Namag is dedicated to the principles of scholarly autonomy and the unhindered pursuit of academic research in Iranian Studies and its cognate fields. To advance and professionalize the field of Iranian Studies, the editors of Iran Namag are committed to responsible authorship, intellectual honesty, the appropriate assignment of credit and responsibility, and ethical publication practices.

Iran Namag encourages its contributors to be explicit and generous in acknowledging their intellectual debts to other scholars through commensurate citations. To promote scholarly collaboration and the free exchange of ideas, authors are expected to give due credit to collaborators and to acknowledge assistance received from colleagues, students, and research assistants. Committed to ethical conduct and academic accountability and transparency, Iran Namag requires that its contributors also acknowledge the receipt of financial support or sponsorship for articles accepted for publication.

Iran Namag is dedicated to timely review and the publication of all peer-reviewed and accepted articles. In concord with an “article-based” publishing model, it makes available online all accepted articles before the scheduled season of publication. A great benefit of this model is the timely dissemination of new research and scholarship to the readers of Iran Namag.

Iran Namag urges its readers and contributors to subscribe to this bilingual quarterly of Iranian Studies. Your support is vital for the success of Iran Namag as an independent quarterly committed to the unhindered pursuit of academic excellence.