Table of Contents

Persian of India Special Issue

Guest Editor: Firoozeh Papan-Matin

Persian of India: Introduction

Firoozeh Papan-Matin

The Beinnings and the First Major Phases of Persian Literary Culture in Hindustan

Muzaffar Alam

Amir Khusraw, Fayzi, and the Geogrpahy of IndoPersian Literature

Sunil Sharma

Orientalism’s Genesis Amnesia

Mohamad Tavakoli Targhi 

AngloPersian Taxonomies of Indian Religions

Carl Ernst

The Encounter of Medical Traditions in Nur alDin Shirazi’s ‘Ilājāti Dārā Shukūhī

Fabrizio Speziale

Early Instances of Persian Historical and Mystical Scholarship of the Bahmanid Era

Firoozeh Papan-Matin

The Pro- fāqī Policy of Amad Shāh Walī Bahmanī: Impact and Consequences

Mohammad Suleman Siddiqi

Legitimizing Power, Understanding the ReligioCultural System of the Golconda QutubShahis

Salma Ahmad Farooqui

Presence in Absence: Relics and Their Role in Hyderabadi Shi‘īsm

Karen Ruffle

Courting ‘Alī: Urdu Poetry, Shi‘ī Piety, and Courtesan Power in Hyderabad

Scott Kugle

Sarmad of Kashan: Jewish Saint, Persian Poet

Nahid Pirnazar