Table of Contents Volume 4, Number 1

English Verso

The Dynamics of Resistance: Moral Concepts in Sī mī n 4 Dāneshvar’s Sūvashūn
Magdalena Rodziewicz

An Inquiry into the Terms Adab, Adib, Adabiyat in the 26 Perso-Arabic Languages
Shayan Afshar

State Capacity and Democratization in Iran
Misagh Parsa


Persian Reverso

Iranian Wine in a European Jar: A Reflection on the 3 Spatial Form of The Blind Owl
Reza Ghanadan

The Censured Portions of Mahmoud Katirai’s Kitab-e Sadegh-e-Hedayat
Shahram Azadian

Women’s Rights in the Iranian Women’s Press, 1910-1925
Ali Baghdar Delgosha

On the Intellectual Foundations of the Tudeh Party’s Literary Theory
Yaser Farashahi-Nejad

Mâr, Mihr, and Mir: A Linguistic Connection
Shokoufeh Taghi

Iranian Studies in Georgia: The Pre-Islamic Queries
Helen Giunashvili


A Review of a Review: Was There a Misturn in the 145 Editing of the Scrolls of the Shahnamah-Narrators?
Mohamad Jaafari Qanavati