Table of Contents Volume 4, Number 2

English Verso

Festival of Arts, Shiraz-Persepolis, 1967-1977
Mahasti Afshar

Dye on the Frontier: Henna and the Military Elites of Nineteenth-Century Bam
James Gustafson

Voluntary Conversions of Iranian Jews in the Nineteenth Century
Nahid Pirnazar

Book Review

Thesaurus of Judeo-Tat (Juhuri): The Language of the Mountain Jews of the Caucasus by Rabbi Ya‘akov Itzhaki
Dan Shapira


Persian Reverso

Computers and Challenges of Writing in Persian
Behrooz Parhami

Dragon Palace Myths
Azam Nikkhah-Fardaqi

An Angelic Encounter: A Review of Daryoush Shaygan’s Esoteric Reflections
Hamid Sahebjami

Loss of Identity in Jalal Al-Ahmad’s The Cursing of the Land and Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
Ja‘far Mirzaee Porkoli & Iman Beiranvan

The Arab War Strategy in the Conquest of Iran until 644 C.E.
Saeid Moakedi, Asghar Foroughi Abari, and Ja‘far Nouri

From Qanats to Pipes: Water Distribution in Behbahan
Fatemeh Bineshifar and Mostafa Nadim