Table of Contents Volume 5, Number 1

Special Issue Dedicated to Professor Shirin Bayani
Guest Editors: Javad Abbasi

English Verso

Manuscripts and Digital Technologies: A Renewed Research Direction in the Ilkhanid History of Iran
Bruno De Nicola


Persian Reverso

A Pioneering Woman: A Historiographical Review of Professor Shirin Bayani’s Scholarship
Javad Abbasi

The Mimeses of the Shahnameh and Historical Epics in the Mongol Age
Javad Rashki-Aliabad

A Synthesizer of Two Faiths
Mohamad Ja‘far Yahaghi

Craft Industries in the Economy and Society of the Ilkhanids
Sayed Abolfazl Razavi

Who is Khayyam?
Touba Fazelipour

The Transformation of the Mongol and the Ilkhanid Period in the Iranian College History Textbooks
Ghasem Gharib

The Twilight of the Ilkhanids and the Dawn of the Sassanids: An Acquaintance with the Learned Historian
Mohammad-Taghi Imanpour

Reflections and the Rise and Fall of the Samanids
Sayyed Abol-Ghasem Forouzani

A Morphological Reflection on the History of Bayhaqi
Fatemeh Jahanpour

‘Alam-i Niswan on Modernity and Hijab
Abbas Panahi


An Adorer of Iran and Iranian
Sayyed Abol-Ghasem Forouzani

The Father of Such an Offspring: Remembering Dr. Khanbaba Bayani
Nasrollah Salehi