Table of Contents Volume 5, Number 4

English Verso

Editor-in-Chief: Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi

Special Issue Dedicated to Ahmad Ashraf for His Lifetime Contribution to Iranian Studies
Editors: Amir Ismail Ajami & Mohamad Tavakoli

Land Reform and Agrarian Transformation in Iran, 1962–78
Amir Ismail Ajami

Farmer–Herder Villages and the Revolution
Mary Martin

Individualization and the Emergence of Personalized Politics in Post-Revolutionary Iran
Azadeh Kian

Chamber of Commerce and Internal Conflicts among the Merchants of Bushehr in the Early 1950s
Soheila Torabi Farsani

Notes on the Persian Gospel Manuscript in Georgian Script
Helen Giunashvili & Tamar Abuladze

Persian Reverso

Recollections and Inquiries: From Unveiling to the Islamic Revolution
Negin Nabavi’s Interview with Ahmad Ashraf

The Challenges of Family Capitalism in the Pahlavi Era, the1940s to the 1970
Ali Asghar Saeidi

A Pioneer of Iranian Historical Sociology: Reflections on the Academic Career of Ahmad Ashraf
Dariush Rahmanian

Ahmad Ashraf and the Historical Sociology of Iranian “Underdevelopment”
Naser Sedghi

The Necessity of Utilizing Iranian Urban Historical Sociology in Contemporary Urban Development
Parviz Piran and Mohamad Reza Haeri

A Review of Ahmad Ashraf’s Perspectives on the Question of Inequality
Emad Afrough

Ahmad Ashraf’s Contribution to Social Work in Iran
Ezatollah Samaram

Peasants and the Iranian Revolution
Manijeh Dowlat, Bernard Hourcade, and Odile Puech


Was the Land Reform American? A Review of Two Documents
Ahmad Ashraf