Table of Contents Volume 6, Number 1

English Verso

Editor-in-Chief: Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi

“Is Hindenburg a Sultan?” The Trial of the Iranian Communist Journal Peykar in Weimar Germany
Sheragim Jenabzadeh

Mapping the Unmappable: A Critical Study of Dead Reckoning: A Novel by Bahman Sho‘levar
Babak Mazloumi

History through Talisman: The Historical Value of a Newly Identified Safavid Treatise by Molla Jalal-e Monajjem-e Yazdi
Behzad Karimi

Sovereignty and Statehood in Early Qajar Rule: An Exercise in Conceptualization
Behrooz Moazami

Persian Reverso

Introduction: The Decline of Science in the Islamic World
Ahmad Kazemi-Mousavi

The Rise and Fall of Islamic Science
John Walbridge

A Critique of Walbridge’s “The Rise and Fall of Islamic 21 Science”
Hormoz Ebrahimnejad

Why We Did Not Modernize: On the Causes of the Decline of Science in Iran
Kamran Amir Arjomand

The Puzzle of the “Scientific Revolution” in Islamic Societies
Najm al-Din Yousefi

On the Decline of Science in Islamic Societies
Rasool Nafisi


Scholarly Plagiarism and Conceptual Dissension
Leila Sadeghi

The Futile Linkage: The Tudeh Party and Women’s Movement for Equality Rights, 1921-1941
Lila Sazgar

Forms of Nationalism
Amir Hassanpour

Sectarian Feuds and the Decline of the Buyids
Hooshhang Shokri and Ali Rafi‘i