Table of Contents

Iran Namag: An Independent Bilingual Quarterly
Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi

Ali Akbar Dehkhoda: e Literary Accomplishments and Religious
Reforms of Sur-e Esra l
Janet Afary & John R. Perry

Why the Fighting Cock? e Signi cance of the Imagery of the Khorus Jangi and its Manifesto “ e Slaughterer of the Nightingale”
Ayda Foroutan

Women in the Writings of Mirza Fathali Akhundzadeh, 1812-1878
Fatemeh Orooji

Wires of Discord: England, the Indo-European Telegraph Line and 32 Ottoman-Iranian Border Con icts
Soli Shahvar

Amir Husayn Aryanpour and the Teaching of Marxist Sociology in the 1960s
Amir Hassanpour

A Critical Investigation of Morteza Motahhari’s Viewpoint
Concerning Islamic Mysticism
Ashkan Bahrani

Gender in a Justice-Centered Society: A Review of Abu-Hamid Ghazali’s Ethical Views
Mehran Haji-Mohamadian

Premiership in Fi eenth-Century Iranian Provincial Dynasties: 188 From the Decline of the Ilkhanids to the Rise of the Timurids
Javad Abbasi and Fatemeh Hajiabady

An Archeological Investigation of Tangqir Forth
Ali Norallahy

Pahlavi Quatrains in the History of Qum (Tarikh-i Qum)
Pejman Firoozbakhsh

Plants and Flowers in Nizami’s Khamseh
Bahram Grami

Simulacrum in Mustafa Mastour’s Sophia
Mohammad-Javad Haj’jari and Nasser Maleki