Table of Contents Volume 4, Number 3-4

Special Issue Dedicated to Professor Badrolzaman Gharib
Guest Editors: Jaleh Amouzegar and Firouzeh Qandehari

English Verso

Further Fragments of Sogdian Manichaean Riddles?
Christiane Reck

The Turtle and the Geese: A Pañcatantra Fable in Sogdian
Nicholas Sims-Williams

The Manichaean “Living Self”As Reflected in Persian Mystical Poetry
Omid Behbahani

Persian Reverso

The Unique Badri of Our Time
Firouzeh Qandehari

Badrolzaman Gharib’s Publications
Firouzeh Qandehari

Another Explanation for Duality in Zoroastrianism: A Translation of the Seventh Chapter of Shekand Gomanik Vechar
Jaleh Amouzegar

A Profile of Zoroastrian Jurisprudence in the Sassanian Era
Katayun Mazdapour

Divine Knowledge and Benevolence
Zohreh Zarshenas

Studies on the Ancient Aramaic Epigraphy of Georgia
Helen Giunashvili

Mary Magdalene and Women’s Attraction to Manicheanism: Mythical and Historical Parameters
Mohammad Shokri-Foumeshi

The Foundations of Legal Thinking in the Church of the East (400-550 CE)
Nima Jamali

The Etymology of Female Names in the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi
Yadollah Mansouri

Azar Kayvan: Life, Character, Views, and the Judgments of Others
Hooshangh Shokri

Social Media Textual Poachers: How Do Iranian Users Challenge Dominant Discourses on Telegram?
Hossein Kermani