Table of Contents Volume 5, Number 2

English Verso

Translating Rumi through the Prism of Ideology
Amir Artaban Sedaghat


Persian Reverso

Lily Ayman (Ahy), 1929-2018
Javad Abbasi

The Signification of “Shah” and “Shahi” in the Eastern Islamic Lands
Abbas Ahmadvand

The Peculiarities of Golestan Palace’s Art and Architecture from the Perspective of Foreign Travelogues
 Abbas Panahi and Saman Kashani 

From Vernacular Modernity to Modernizing Tradition in Iran
Yaser FarashahiNejad

Perfect Wisdom: Sa‘di and the Manners of Conversation
Hamid Sahebjami

Lost in History or Reached the Zenith? Text and Margin in the Poetic Network of the Eighth Century
Fateme Montazeri

The Hopes and Fears of the Badakhshanis of Tajikistan During Soviet Rule
Maryam Moezzi

What Befell Us?
Ziaollah Missaghi

Saeed Yousef: A Wayfaring Poet
Nasim Khaksar

Saeed Yousef: A Prominent Poet of Our Time
Reza Ghanadan


Book Review

The Emergence of Iranian Nationalism: Race and the Politics of Dislocation

Hamed Mehrad