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English Verso Iranian Masculinities Preface: Iranian Masculinities Mostafa Abedinifard and Sahar Allamezade-Jones A Tree Atop the Mountain: Mobad Manikan and the Elusive Promises of Masculinity Cameron Cross ‘Prescriptive’ Masculinity?: Deception and Restraint in the Films of Asghar Farhadi Niki Akhavan An Iranian Female Vampire Walks Home Alone and Disturbs Freud’s Oedipal Masculinity Mahdi Tourage On […]

Preface: Iranian Masculinities

We are pleased to present the Spring 2018 issue of Iran Namag as a special issue, and the first collection of essays, on the topic of Iranian masculinities.[1] Academic studies of Iranian men and masculinities mainly gained ground during the past decade or so, especially outside Iran, and following the global wave in masculinities studies.[2] […]

‘Prescriptive’ Masculinity?: Deception and Restraint in the Films of Asghar Farhadi

In the wake of Farhadi’s most recent international success with The Salesman, an angry article on the conservative site Mashregh News asked, “For which society does Asghar Farhadi write up his prescriptions of masculinity?” According to the author, Hossein Soleimani, this prescription calls on men, specifically men from the middle to upper middle classes, to […]

The Abject Outsider: “The Story of Two Gay Men”

  Introduction In his “Homosexuality in Arabic Literature,” Frederic Lagrange offers the following categorizations regarding the presence of diverse sexualities, and representation of (male) homosexual characters in Arabic literature: “a typical aspect of traditional society, either to be denounced or simply neutrally described [. . .], a homosexual character, whether central or secondary, is often […]

Queering the Iranian Nation: Be Like Others and Resistance to Heteronormative Nationalism

  Dedicated to the life-affirming work of Maryam Khatoon Molkara (1950-2012)   Introduction Tanaz Eshaghian’s 2008 documentary Be Like Others simultaneously messages entrenched stereotypes about the Islamic Republic of Iran, but also moves beyond a cursory exploration about the life of trans Iranians living in the present-day country. The film offers the viewer opportunities for […]